The Trauma Care International Foundation Directed An Internet Accessible Event

The Volunteer Medical (VMC) is a different campaign birthed by the TCIF of the Healing School. Its aim will be to provide healthcare-based relief to communities and casualty provinces, which generates a pathway to expand the flow of compassion and love of Christ to the impaired people in lots of countries.

The recently used Inaugural Conference of the Offer Medical Corps was a world-wide online gathering of health-related employees from over 60 countries, and it absolutely was a moment to inspire and position the individuals to make more world-wide influence. Those who logged in for the Seminar were very excited to find out how exactly to utilize the medical profession as something to acquire their world for Jesus Christ.

The Convention proved to be a lively session, with talk shows on ‘ Medical Missions – reacting to regions and humanitarian crisis of catastrophes with medication Emergencies – Health-Related Readiness for Ministry programs’, as well as the Gospel’ and on Clinic Outreaches. The panellists also shared souls won and personal recommendations of influence recorded.

To reason the Seminar, Curate (Dr) Jumoke expounded that the VMC is a collaboration of medication and ministry. She emphasized the function of each Christian health-related employees for their globe, she said that, aside from treating them medically, “, they should let them have something of eternal value. She continued by saying they certainly were were the response to the cry for assistance, and encourage those existing not to permit these in need die but touch base to them using the gospel of Jesus.” of humanity’s

Emmanuel’s Narrative Of Restoration

Emmanuel Belo 2.JPGWhen he was identified with the uncommon Crohn’s disease Belo from Portugal was just 19 years of age. He was unable to have a regular lifestyle as opposed to protecting it, as his body would be attacked by his immune system. This influenced everything and his digestive system he ate would cause him pain. He lived with this specific condition for three years without a known treatment. It had been in this condition he came to get an encounter that is transformative to the Healing School.

At the Healing College, the religion of Emmanuel was so awakened to receive the wonder he had waited for. Through the recovery service, Pastor Chris commanded the devil out of his physique and got to him. Emmanuel instantaneously dropped underneath the anointing of the Holy Ghost and he was filled with energy as he rejoiced because of his healing, and went all across the audience when he got up.

Following annually, Emmanuel claimed because he got fixed of the wonderful changes that happened in his life. “ in my physique, I discovered a good deal of variation After the Healing School. In 3 years, I could never include fat, but in 2 months, I recovered the 15kg I had lost when the sickness first started. I am able to feel my body for the power now. I talk with my body also it obeys the Bible. Because God is inside me today, I ‘ve a fresh existence that is great, I am not ordinary. Than that which I had before, I ‘ve more lifestyle today. Financing, my health and my existence are renewed; although I appreciate today that Satan was taking both my health and my finances, and I today live in wealth. Wonder to Lord!

Hopes and several lifestyles will undoubtedly be restored at the coming 2017 Recovery College Fall Program.


A Canadian Young Adult Kindles A Fresh Fire In The Spirits Of The Philippin

The Bible is a sure promoter of transformation, and singular light is infinitely bright so no darkness can bear it. The youngsters of the Global Youth Leaders Conference are an evidence that undeniably the Word of God is alive. Their futures were changed as an outcome of the immense Word of God on which Pastor Chris taught them in the Global Easter Youth Camping.

Serneo , after her enlightment at the IEYC,couldn’t contain what she discovered to herself. She began dazzling hearts, preaching the Gospel through her music school and making numerous people filled with the Holy Ghost.
“When the person of God laid hands on me I perceived that my life will never be anything like now” she declares.

Jennifer shared the Bible beyond her immediate area, as she went to the Philippines where she organized two camp meetings, with hundreds of young folks were present.

It turned out to be a fantastic period of fellowship, as the youngsters deliberated on the Word of God with one another. Thus they were lifted right into a higher and new degree of beauty, and Jesus became more real to them.They were flooded with the light of God’ Word.In the course of the assembly , over fifty percent of those present offered their hearts to God and were filled with all of the divine spirit.

Blantyre Malawi Perceived The Sacred Power Of God

It was really an occasion of heavenly socializing for 100s of people who attended the plan.

This amazing experience was stuffed with awe-inspiring periods of testimonies and praise, exhortation and healings. Several former students of the Recovery School shared the experiences of the way in which their wonders were obtained by them. Among these testifiers were Banda, whose narrative altered for excellent after. Also Mbaleme discussed a captivating story how he was cured of tuberculosis of the back, high blood pressure and heart disease from the energy of God, and of his Healing College encounter.

In an inspirational information, the co-ordinator of God Blantyre, Buddy Ethan Lipenga, exhorted the members on the power of God’ s Term as well as the must regularly put it to function with beliefs. He ministered to the sick in the congregation together with the laying-on of hands, and there turned out to be a symptoms of many astonishing wonders during Precious Chaponda who had been healed of kidney failure ; including that of Prisca Kasaru who had been healed of migraines and asthma, and the program.

Throughout the altar call, many accepted Christ as Saviour and their Lord. Indeed, those in attendance as of this awe-inspiring occasion have new recommendations of the wonder-working power of God. Hallelujah!

Canadian Youth gives the lives of Philippine youths a meaning.docx

Relieved From Terminal Disease; The Heartening Narrative Of Cecile

Cecile Mbaya had to withstand as much pain because of the fact that she experienced cancer. There were not any adjustments, although she was immediately placed on chemo to fight its competitive signs when it had been finds. With the results of medication, her condition took a substantial toll on her body; she was in continuous discomfort and became very weak.

Cecile, believing in the power of God to heal and needing an answer that was divine, determined to come to the Healing School. She was completed renewed when the the person of God ministered to her. Fully and whole changed, Cecile shows her experience, “After the Healing College, I went back to for another examination, and also the doctors couldn’t find any hint of cancer in my own body. They asked me where I went to and that I informed them I went to the Healing College; where I obtained transformation and healing, that’s. For getting the Healing College to Canada, I wish to thank the man of God. I will be forever thankful!”

As the weeks passed, the state of Cecile worsened and she was told that her right breast will have to be cut off for the cancer to avoid spreading. This information brought more depression to her life, as she couldn’t do anything by himself anymore and with time she became a weight to her family.


Dr. Chris Oyakhilome Returns Sight to a 55-Year-Old Believer

The word of God is touching lives and changing destinies. The Healing School of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, has provided an atmosphere for the miraculous.



55-year-old Maria Musasiwa is just one of those who experienced God’s goodness at the Healing School. Her life seemed to be going great, until she started having difficulty seeing with her right eye. Not long after, she completely lost vision in that eye. Continue reading

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Sermons


Education in the higher institutions of Africa is a major investment in the labour force, productivity and hence, the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of nations. Governments, corporate bodies and individuals are stakeholders in this sector and every non-governmental venture made in this regard is applauded and highly – appreciated by the citizenry. One of such notable contributions is the donation of the sum of N1 billion naira to the prestigious Benson Idahosa University (BIU) by Rev. Dr Chris Oyakhilome, DSc. DD, President of Believers’ Loveworld Inc., a.k.a Christ Embassy, for the building of a state –of-the- art Faculty of Engineering, on October 23rd, 2015. The milestone project which has since taken off, marks a watershed for the institution and the nation at large, in view of the prospective innovations and advancements that will be birthed upon its completion; a window of hope for the future generation.

The donor, Chris Oyakhilome, DSc., D.D heads a dynamic, multidimensional and global ministry, Christ Embassy , spanning all the continents.  He is a pastor, teacher, healing minister, television host and best- selling author of more than 30 books which are read globally and transforming lives, including the latest release, The Power of Your Mind. Pastor Chris ( as he is popularly called), is the ace writer of the world’s number one devotional, Rhapsody of Realities, which is distributed worldwide in over 700 languages, with more than half a million copies circulated to date. He holds massive teaching and healing crusades where millions are gathered, with a passion to reach the peoples of the world with God’s divine presence, and has helped many fulfil their purpose in life. He is the pioneer of an ever-increasing online prayer network and the host of “Atmosphere for Miracles”, a program airing on major television networks in all continents of the world. Pastor Chris, pioneered the 1st Christian Network from Africa to the world, which has given birth to 3 satellite stations; Loveworld Plus in Nigeria, Loveworld SAT in South Africa and Loveworld TV UK.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Sermons

Benson Idahosa University is a private- owned institution that provides undergraduate and professional education and is located in the South –Western part of Nigeria. Progenitors report that it is born of a divine mandate and is committed to raising leaders for the nation who will contribute positively to the productivity and leadership of the polity.

The announcement of the donation was made at a Special Convocation organized by the Benson Idahosa University for the investiture of honorary degree of Doctor of Divinity honoris causa, on Rev. Dr Chris Oyakhilome. The construction of the Faculty of Engineering is an answer to the need for development of learning and acquisition of skill in innovations, inventions, design, building, maintenance, research and improvement in structures, machines, tools, systems, components, materials and processes. This will also encourage a wide range of specialization in the various fields of engineering.

The on-going project has recorded tremendous progress and expectations are high- ceiling for the resultant products and services that will emerge.

In his philosophy depicted in a clarion call to other well- meaning individuals and corporate bodies, Pastor Chris affirms that “Schools are not a business, but a vision to promote the best potentials in human beings”.

Rev Dr Chris Oyakhilome remains committed to nation building through grants to institutions of learning, endowments and sponsorships to deserving young people in their academic, leadership and professional pursuits.